Episode 140 – The One With Gambit and the Marstons

PAX Melbourne is almost upon us, and as such we’ve been kicked about the ear, nose and throat with scheduling and prep insanity. BUT! We have hand-woven this basket of astisinal madness for you: an extra-long, extra-chunky episode of 28 Plays Later in which we discuss (among other things) Gambit’s

Episode 138 – The One With Actual Nicolas Cage

Because you demanded it, Paul shares an excerpt from his interview of Nicolas Cage for the movie Mandy¬†— plus, Destiny 2: Forsaken, and what makes an actual hero, besides murdering thousands of henchmen and for some reason sparing the head villain for courts to deal with? Also: John Wick takes

Episode 135 – The One With Azeroth, England and No! Man’s Sky!

There’s SO MUCH in this crammed episode! Here’s a rundown for you: Paul’s new book, Loose Units, is available NOW! We chat about the rigors of churning out a book, especially one as gritty and challenging as this one. For our overseas listeners, you can – and should – pick