Episode 70 – The One With Neon Case Lights


In this episode of 28 Plays Later, we discuss 28 PLAYS LATER: THE ALBUM! Yep, we have a comedy album, that you can buy online, OR you can get your hands on a physical signed copy at PAX West!

We also talk about the perils of being tired boys, the gauche frippery (its a word) of most gaming rigs and gaming attire, asking the question… why is the gaming aesthetic inside games often to considered, yet many gamers spray money at the ugliest junk imaginable in real life?

PLUS, Paul weighs in after a morning mainlining Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! Is it a worthy follow-up to Human Revolution? And again… WE HAVE AN ALBUM! Below, you can see the first box of copies, covered in a film of Paul’s glee-induced sweat. We really think you’re going to love this. Enjoy the show!