Episode 131 – The One With Truce Royale

This week, Paul and Kris talk Fortnite, true. Then they chat about what they’re playing at the moment. That stuff is all there.

But they also brainstorm an idea they want you to be part of.

America is going through some stuff right now, with children being separated from families, and we want to help in some way. So we’re going to launch Truce Royale: a live streamed gaming event in which they try and do the unthinkable: play PUBG without any killing. The game is built around the mechanic of violence, but hey, the world is violent and nightmarish enough and we’re trying to effect change here… why not give it a shot there as well? So we’ll be doing a charity event and raising money for a cause close to our hearts, and this is the episode where you can hear us brainstorm, AND ask for your input. So hit us up here, or at heylisten@28playslater.com, or at twitter.com/28plays, and keep your eyes peeled for updates over the coming days!