Episode 37 – The One With Our 2015 Awards

It’s the most award-winning, prestigious industry award ever awarded by this podcast. Kris and Paul look back at a year of gaming in 2015 and nominate the games which captured their hearts across a number of categories. Includes a look back at the games we’ve lost this year… and an unexpected

Episode 36 – The One With Harrison Ford

How does Paul get these guests?! It’s our Star Wars Christmas-Holiday-Life Day- Whatever Episode — and Paul sits down with the Harrison Ford (Witness, Patriot Games) to talk Episode VII. Plus, Kris and Paul talk all things Star Wars, with holiday appearances from Tegan Higginbotham and Kurtis Straub. And two sketches! While

Episode 35 – The One Where The Paul Awakens

A quickie episode today — Paul is in Sydney, and when you hear why, you’ll flip your lid. Meanwhile Kris tries to figure out what he brings to the table, and they touch on two new games this week: Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist (available

Episode 34 – The One With MC Frontalot

The world’s 579th greatest rapper, MC Frontalot, joins the podcast via audio from his post-PAX Aus stage show with Kris. They talk about childhood gaming memories, copy protection, and approximations of nudity in pixels. Meanwhile back on the homefront, Paul and Kris talk about listener emails, consoles, and a Star Wars

Episode 33 – The One About Star Wars Battlefront

Grab your DL-44s and kiss ’em goodbye! Kris and Paul get into Star Wars Battlefront: where it’s a ton of fun and where a little tweaking might have made the game more immersive, seeing as it is one of the absolute best Star Wars game experiences to date. We also

Episode 32 – The One With Paul and Kris’s Wasteland Survival Guide

An episode as sprawling as the Wasteland itself! Paul and Kris discuss cool things to see and do in Fallout 4. SOME SPOILERS — we don’t talk much about the main plotline, but we do talk side quests, early companions, power armor modding, and the deeper emotional tone of Fallout 4 compared