Episode 34 – The One With MC Frontalot

The world’s 579th greatest rapper, MC Frontalot, joins the podcast via audio from his post-PAX Aus stage show with Kris. They talk about childhood gaming memories, copy protection, and approximations of nudity in pixels. Meanwhile back on the homefront, Paul and Kris talk about listener emails, consoles, and a Star Wars

Episode 33 – The One About Star Wars Battlefront

Grab your DL-44s and kiss ’em goodbye! Kris and Paul get into Star Wars Battlefront: where it’s a ton of fun and where a little tweaking might have made the game more immersive, seeing as it is one of the absolute best Star Wars game experiences to date. We also

Episode 32 – The One With Paul and Kris’s Wasteland Survival Guide

An episode as sprawling as the Wasteland itself! Paul and Kris discuss cool things to see and do in Fallout 4. SOME SPOILERS — we don’t talk much about the main plotline, but we do talk side quests, early companions, power armor modding, and the deeper emotional tone of Fallout 4 compared

Episode 31 – The One With Fallout-Related Wetness

Fallout 4 has its hooks in Paul and Kris deep, and they froth about what they love and how they wish they were playing it (except Kris, who was secretly playing it while recording). Power armor, companions, settlements, along with many favorite things from Fallouts past. All with a minimum of plot

Episode 30 – The Live One At PAX Aus 2015

What an episode! Our first live recording at PAX Australia, in front of a full live audience! We perform three skits, talk about adventure games, and listen to a track from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate from our amazing musical guests, Tripod! An absolutely huge show! See you next year, PAX!

Episode 29.5 – The Short One From Kris’s Hotel Room

Paul and Kris recorded this quick announcement to remind you — Kris is in Melbourne now, and 28 Plays Later is recording live Friday night at 10:00 pm at The Butterfly Club, and at PAX Aus Saturday at 3:30 pm in Wombat Theatre! Check out our animation for the details: