Episode 122 – The One With Platformers, Poor Acoustics and The Pope

On what is meant to be an episode about game music and chiptunes, Kris and Paul manage to dilly-dally outside various pit stops along the way. Thrill as the boys take you on a trip down memory lane past some very specific games – Jill of the Jungle, Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure, Commander Keen and Bionic

Episode 121 – The One With Monster Hunter World

After a frankly odd discussion about Celeste, Downwell, Mario and how to make a mobile game about the return of Jesus, Paul and Kris sink their teeth into Monster Hunter: World! Is the wholesale slaughter of an entire ecosystem really a great idea? Are freshly-shorn bone-pauldrons going to be all

Episode 120 – The One With Nintendo VS Bethesda

Kris crawls free from a major, debilitating Hunter S. Thompson-esque Nintendo Switch jag for this episode! He and Paul discuss the allure of being able to play on the crapper, true. But they also talk the merits of open world games as approached by Nintendo (Breath of the Wild) and

Episode 119 – The One Where Kris Gets a Switch

Rejoice! In a fit of consumerist whimsy, Kris went and grabbed a Nintendo Switch! He and Paul talk about Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and whether the appeal of the Switch entirely comes down to being able to play it whilst taking prolonged poops. Curious as to whether the