Episode 80 – The One With Kris’s Homework

Switch off your ambient occlusion! In this San Francisc0 treat of an episode, Paul searches for the Tanner household in Watch Dogs 2, while Kris launches the topic of playing catch-up with Paul’s insane game completion rate. PLUS: describing Paul’s handsome dad, ruined phone DLC, and multiplayer content that leaks into

Episode 78 – The One With Dishonor(ed 2)

Big episode! Kris and Paul try to shrug off the post-election blues*, then discuss the myriad games Paul’s been playing — including a round of Payday 2 with The Stanley Parable‘s William Pugh. And from PAX Australia, we interview Arkane Studios’ Art Director for Dishonored 2, Sebastien Mitton! A fascinating look at beautiful and