Episode 99 – The One From Fyre Festival

In what’s sure to remain a fresh reference, Paul and Kris explore the intersection of survival horror, affluence, and Ja Rule on a private island once abandoned by Pablo Escobar — plus Kris takes a look at the Prey demo! And finally: what wild dogs may say about your civilization.

Episode 94 – The One Where Paul Reviews Mass Effect: Andromeda

Kris and Paul examine the newly-released Mass Effect: Andromeda, and much to Paul’s woe — he does not like the game. We discuss what doesn’t work, and broaden the topic to open-world games, fetch quests and customizability in general: are developers locked into providing impossible breadth over depth?

Episode 93 – The One NOT About Mass Effect: Andromeda

Up against the standing press embargo, Paul and Kris play Mass Effect: Andromeda — but cannot discuss it yet! Meanwhile, Paul contends with PC problems, Kris gets ahead of Paul game-wise for once, and the boys add to their voice acting reel. For hiring information, contact any trash can. We have big