Episode 133 – The One With War (What Is It Good For?)

Violence. Treason. Lies. War. The world is showing all the telltale signs of a Fallout cinematic cutscene waiting to begin, but there’s still games to be played! This week, Kris and Paul ask the heavy questions, specifically… how the hell will games make this nightmarish era of history “fun”? Hell,

Episode 131 – The One With Truce Royale

This week, Paul and Kris talk Fortnite, true. Then they chat about what they’re playing at the moment. That stuff is all there. But they also brainstorm an idea they want you to be part of. America is going through some stuff right now, with children being separated from families,

Episode 128 – The One With Operation: Brownknife

There was literally never been a weirder episode of 28 Plays Later. Deciding to pivot towards the insane, the boys discuss Detroit: Become Human, zombie aliens, ethics and of course the infamous Alaskan Shit Knife. If you like Paul and Kris, you’re SURE to tolerate this musclebound brute of an

Episode 126 – The One with Sea of Thieves

ARRRRRR the boys any good at pirating? Thrill as Kris reveals his deathly illness and how he (mostly) overcame it! Gasp as Paul reveals he’s played more Sea of Thieves than he should have! Shudder as the lads make plans to hop into this gorgeous, confusing open world seascape and

Episode 121 – The One With Monster Hunter World

After a frankly odd discussion about Celeste, Downwell, Mario and how to make a mobile game about the return of Jesus, Paul and Kris sink their teeth into Monster Hunter: World! Is the wholesale slaughter of an entire ecosystem really a great idea? Are freshly-shorn bone-pauldrons going to be all