Episode 43 – The One With The Rise Of The Tomb Raider

A sprawling conversation erupts over The Rise of the Tomb Raider and the previous game in the series, plus World of Warcraft and expectations of immersion from game enthusiasts of varying stripes. Plus some PAX South talk, plans for future conventions, and cookin’ with substitute fantasy meats.

Episode 38 – The One With Our New Year’s Resolutions

Watch the balls drop as Paul and Kris spend a rollicking hour talking about the value of ROMs, the most pleasurable gaming explorations of their lives, and the nature of certain types of fandoms — is it possible to scare people away from a thing you deeply love? Plus some of your letters, our resolutions,

Episode 37 – The One With Our 2015 Awards

It’s the most award-winning, prestigious industry award ever awarded by this podcast. Kris and Paul look back at a year of gaming in 2015 and nominate the games which captured their hearts across a number of categories. Includes a look back at the games we’ve lost this year… and an unexpected

Episode 33 – The One About Star Wars Battlefront

Grab your DL-44s and kiss ’em goodbye! Kris and Paul get into Star Wars Battlefront: where it’s a ton of fun and where a little tweaking might have made the game more immersive, seeing as it is one of the absolute best Star Wars game experiences to date. We also

Episode 32 – The One With Paul and Kris’s Wasteland Survival Guide

An episode as sprawling as the Wasteland itself! Paul and Kris discuss cool things to see and do in Fallout 4. SOME SPOILERS — we don’t talk much about the main plotline, but we do talk side quests, early companions, power armor modding, and the deeper emotional tone of Fallout 4 compared