Episode 25 – The One With The Taken King

Kris gets Paul into Destiny: The Taken King, and it consumes us in this podcast — we’re quite… taken… with it? Don’t worry, that is the only “taken” pun in the entire episode. Also that’s a lie. Plus! Paul sits down with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods for a 20-minute interview

Episode 23 – The One Where Kris And Paul Get A Room

It was inevitable. Yes, Paul and Kris have differing opinions on Metal Gear Solid V‘s Quiet — and what it means to be able to absorb disagreement and criticism of something you love. Then they get a room. The boys also talk about Mad Max, Until Dawn and Destiny‘s forthcoming DLC, The Taken

Episode 22 – The One Where Paul Is Chased By A Bear

A short episode this week, as Kris and Paul are beset upon by sudden deadlines and post-PAX illnesses — but they manage to connect on Skype at 6 AM while Paul is on set to shoot another season of ABC’s The Haunting Hour. They quickly talk PAX Prime and PAX Australia, and