Episode 129 – The One With Batman VS Big Gargoyle

When Batman strings a brigand up by their legs, where does he hang them? Gargoyles. And who controls gargoyles? BIG GARGOYLE. This week, Kris and Paul kick down the door of THE ESTABLISHMENT to get to THE TRUTH. They also talk vampire games (specifically Paul’s hopes for Vampyr), and they

Episode 36 – The One With Harrison Ford

How does Paul get these guests?! It’s our Star Wars Christmas-Holiday-Life Day- Whatever Episode — and Paul sits down with the Harrison Ford (Witness, Patriot Games) to talk Episode VII. Plus, Kris and Paul talk all things Star Wars, with holiday appearances from Tegan Higginbotham and Kurtis Straub. And two sketches! While

Episode 33 – The One About Star Wars Battlefront

Grab your DL-44s and kiss ’em goodbye! Kris and Paul get into Star Wars Battlefront: where it’s a ton of fun and where a little tweaking might have made the game more immersive, seeing as it is one of the absolute best Star Wars game experiences to date. We also

Episode 29 – The One With The Bagger Vance Of Juilliard

This week, we gush about Downwell for iOS, Android and Steam, plus the joy of smaller games and platformers like Mega Man. We also touch on subjectivity and video game review, and give away a copy of the expansion for The Witcher 3! You can check out Paul’s new (and completely

Episode 27 – The One With Paul’s Dad On A Ladder

We kick off this episode with a discussion of canon and headcanon, and what it means to us as players! Paul revisits GTAV, Kris talks about the lovely new horror game SOMA, Paul talks new additions to Starbound, and Star Wars: Battlefront (the beta’s out!), when suddenly Paul’s dad is on the

Episode 20 – The One With The Actual Judy Blume

What starts as a kinda prurient show remains surprisingly prurient! It’s an unexpected pleasure to learn that Paul and author Judy Blume are Twitter pals, and that she’d come on our program to discuss her writing, career, and tangentially video games. Thanks so much for being our first guest, Judy! And there’s plenty of