Episode 60 – LIVE From the Warcraft Movie Premiere

Paul and Kris fly to Hollywood, CA to see the Warcraft movie world premiere! We spent time on the red carpet frontlines, chat with Ben Schulz aka Leeroy Jenkins, take a pauldron spike in the eye with Jamie Lee Curtis, and review the movie afterwards in the spectacular Hotel Irvine. Huge thanks

Episode 47 – The One With SUPERHOT And Full House

Have mercy! Kris and Paul dive into Netflix’s Fuller House by mistake, then hesitantly back away for a discussion of the unique FPS puzzler SUPERHOT, now available on Steam. Plus, Kris looks at a listener-recommended horror game, Anatomy from developer Kitty Horrorshow. And Paul brags about our World of Warcraft guild on Blackrock! If

Episode 46 – The One With Charlotte From Geordie Shore

Paul reels in Charlotte from Geordie Shore for a quick chat (?!), then he and Kris move on to Devil Daggers, how to balance gameplay and story, and whether or not horror will become VR-headset-only — plus two lovely reader emails. Also Kris drills a hole into his head to

Episode 43 – The One With The Rise Of The Tomb Raider

A sprawling conversation erupts over The Rise of the Tomb Raider and the previous game in the series, plus World of Warcraft and expectations of immersion from game enthusiasts of varying stripes. Plus some PAX South talk, plans for future conventions, and cookin’ with substitute fantasy meats.

Episode 42 – The One With Oxenfree And Gavin Free

Paul gets into Jonathan Blow’s The Witness, and when Kris breaks down the character-driven indie horror Oxenfree, they explore artifacts from our collective consciousness — how do nostalgic visuals scare us? Then Paul talks to Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth about their new movie Lazer Team and jet lag coping techniques — also an

Episode 38 – The One With Our New Year’s Resolutions

Watch the balls drop as Paul and Kris spend a rollicking hour talking about the value of ROMs, the most pleasurable gaming explorations of their lives, and the nature of certain types of fandoms — is it possible to scare people away from a thing you deeply love? Plus some of your letters, our resolutions,